Jagaric Ninoslava Obituary, Death – Jagaric, Ninoslava We are really heartbroken to have to break the news to you that our dearly adored Nina has passed away. It is with great regret that we must inform you of this latest development. She had a heart that was kind, kind, and full of love, and she took great joy in assisting others in any way that she could and whenever she could.

She had a strong interest in education, and for the past 36 years, she has been working as a professor at Centennial College. During that time, she has influenced the lives of a great number of students as well as her fellow employees. She was a major nerd and loved all kinds of cool technology, which is why she was so ecstatic when she got a twin monitor arm mount as one of her Christmas presents not too long ago. In addition, she had enjoyed the difficulty of her previous job as an online educator very much.

But, alas, her time spent on Earth could not be infinite, and on October 25th, Nina was transported to North York General Hospital after experiencing a stroke as well as a heart attack. She had both of these events simultaneously. When we went to see her the following day, she seemed to be in a good mood and talked about some of the things she wants to accomplish in the future.

But unfortunately, in the days that followed, the effects of the stroke caused her left side to become immovable, and it caused her speech to become slurred. Following the heart attack that Nina suffered on Saturday, October 29, 2022, she was taken to the intensive care unit (ICU). She passed on that afternoon at the age of 74, having sadly not recovered from the heart attack that she had earlier that morning.

The loyal wife of Zelko Jagaric, who passed away; her husband passed away. She is the loving and devoted mother of Ida, Vlado Jagaric, and Ian Mah, who is Ida’s partner. In addition, she is the mother of Ian Mah.
A funeral mass in accordance with the Christian faith will be held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Durham, which can be found at 313618 Highway 6, on Friday, November 18, at one o’clock in the afternoon. The interment will take place at the St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery in Durham, which was selected as the location. The McCulloch-Watson Funeral Home has been given the responsibility of seeing to the arrangements for the funeral.