Jaden Blake Obituary, Death – The untimely demise of fellow Meteor Jaden Blake ’21 has left us in a state of deep sadness. During this trying time, we are keeping his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.
Through the grace of God, may his soul and all of the souls of the deceased rest in peace; and may the same be said for you.

Initially, before Jaden’s death, a GoFundMe account was created by Tracey Thurmond Watts to assist with medical expenses and mounting expenses for accommodations, food, and necessities while three hours from home. The account says;

Once you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him, you won’t soon forget the presence of Jaden Blake. When Jaden enters a room, he doesn’t just make it brighter; he lights it ablaze! He has a zest for life and is deeply committed to the cause of social justice. At Grand Valley State University, where he studies and competes, Jaden is both a scholar and an athlete who excels in the sport of pole vaulting.

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 5th, Jaden was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a terrible accident in the state of Michigan. He has many ailments that could potentially end his life, one of which being a benign growth on his brain. It was necessary for his spleen to be removed, and that is only one of the numerous medical issues that he is currently contending with. In a trauma hospital in Michigan, where Jaden is currently being treated, the teen has undergone two operations but is still unconscious and intubated. The continuous need for medical treatment results in rising costs associated with healthcare. It should come as no surprise that Jaden’s mother, Yvonne, and the rest of his family continue to stand by his side.

So many of my close friends have asked how they may be of assistance. This fund is intended to aid with medical bills as well as the growing costs of lodging, food, and other essentials incurred while traveling more than three hours away from home.

Donations of any size will be much appreciated to help Jaden and Yvonne through this difficult time. Your incredibly generous contribution will do a great deal to relieve them of their financial difficulties and make it possible for them to concentrate on Jaden’s healing. Thank you in advance for continuing your prayers, which are also greatly appreciated.