Jackson Allan Obituary, Death – who fought cancer for a relatively short amount of time, during which it did not cause undue suffering, and who passed away on November 13 at the age of 76 after losing their battle with the disease after fighting against it for some time. who had been battling cancer for a relatively short amount of time, during which it had not caused undue suffering for them.Beloved husband of Monica, who passed away before him; loving father of Christopher; dear brother to Pauline and cherished brother-in-law to Dave; greatly missed grandad to Samantha, Joseph, and Lewis; and loving grandfather to Samantha, Joseph, and Lewis.

The two children that Christopher had were fortunate to have a wonderful role model in the form of their father, Christopher, who modeled positive behavior for them and served as a good example for them to imitate in their own lives.

There will be a visitation for Allan on Friday, November 25, at 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon. This will be followed by the funeral service, which will take place at the Preston Crematorium. It is anticipated that the funeral service will get underway at 4:30 in the afternoon. Allan did not live to see the 19th of November because he passed away on the 18th of that month. Because everything is going to go exactly how it was supposed to, there is no reason for you to be concerned about how the outcome of this event will turn out.

It is strongly suggested that you get in touch with the funeral director if you are interested in making memorial contributions in honor of Allan that will be given to an organization in the United Kingdom that deals with pancreatic cancer. These contributions will be given to the organization in honor of Allan. These contributions are going to be given to the organization in the United Kingdom that works to combat the illness. As soon as all of these donations have been gathered together, they are going to be presented to the organization.