Jackie Kinsella Obituary,  Death – The news that a member of our rugby family had passed away today left us in a state of deep sadness when we heard it. Because of the tragedy that has taken place in our life, we are writing this article to you with sad hearts, and we are going to share it with you as well. Jackie Kinsella is without a doubt one of the nicest and most trustworthy individuals that you will ever have the opportunity to become acquainted with in your whole life. She is also one of the most fun persons you will ever have the chance to spend time with. She has the warmest grin, and what’s even more impressive is the fact that her heart is just as warm as her smile.

Over the course of the last few years, Jackie has proven herself to be a very valuable addition to our rugby community, which she has developed over the course of these years. She has made substantial contributions in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, assisting with the tasks of the treasurer, assisting in the organizing of events, and maybe most importantly, cheering on our players from the sidelines while they compete in games. Her contributions have been very much appreciated by everyone. We want you to know that your family as well as the families of Phil, Tom, and Dan are in our thoughts and that we are sending our love and best wishes their way.

Please let them know that we are thinking of them. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for the trouble that this brings, and thank you in advance for understanding our position.
My sincere wishes and prayers go out to Jackie in the event that she is eventually blessed with a life filled with peace.