Ivy Peters Obituary, Death – This event is going to be used by the Team Peters organization as a means of fundraising for the cause that they support. Ivy Peters, a sweet little girl who had recently reached three and a half years old, passed away suddenly while she was sleeping gently on Saturday morning. She had just turned four years old. This circumstance is so fraught with unimaginable misery that, despite the fact that it actually exists, it almost doesn’t seem real. Our goal is to alleviate as much of the monetary strain that this position places on them as we possibly can in order to help them cope better with the situation.

Dayne and Aris are both in the field of education. Both Dayne and Aris are educators. Dayne teaches first grade at Dunlap Elementary, and Aris teaches at Menasha’s alternative school. Both of them are involved in the field of education in one form or another. Following the next week, Dayne and Aris will commemorate the first birthday of their son, Van, who is also the couple’s second child. Van was born the week after the following one. We intend to establish a community that will be able to serve as a source of support for them and provide aid to them.

Your willingness to lend this family both emotional and monetary help in whatever way you can would be very much appreciated by us here at our organization. All of the money that is donated will be given to the family in order to assist them with the expenses that are associated with the funeral, as well as to provide them with support so that they are able to take the necessary amount of time to get over this unthinkable loss before returning to work. Click to donate