Isaac Tang Obituary, Death – Isaac Tang has passed away. Isaac was working on a farm in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, near Huntingville. Karl Tang and Anna (née Rasmussen) were his Danish parents. He was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the family relocated to Oakville, Ontario, to manage an apple orchard. Isaac moved to Toronto soon after to start an apprenticeship as a carpenter. He began his construction education from the ground up. When his family visited him in Toronto or Kitchener, he showed them around the facilities he helped build. Following his marriage to Penny (formerly Halls), the birth of their daughters Andrea (Brian) and Jon (Kerron), and the start of Isaac’s career at Ron Engineering and Construction Limited, Isaac and his family relocated to Ottawa.

As a site superintendent, he was responsible for the construction of Canterbury High School, fifteen schools and an airport in the Caribbean, the reconstruction of Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower and the Rideau Canal Locks, and projects in Jerusalem, Moosonee, Florida, and Oregon. He was in charge of the construction of a number of office and residential buildings in Ottawa. Despite his lack of trade experience, Isaac displayed exceptional understanding and insight into buildings and structures. He consistently came up with creative design solutions to engineering difficulties.

Following his retirement, Isaac continued to work on rehabilitation projects and mentored a large number of people. Furthermore, he returned to his carpentry origins and began creating beautiful furniture, as well as trim and flooring, for the homes of his family, friends, and acquaintances. Isaac was a frequent traveler and RVer who explored both the east and west coasts of Canada. He was born with an eagerness to learn.

Skiing, both downhill and cross-country, was another of his great passions, which he continued to enjoy well into his 70s with family and friends from all three continents. In his later years, he enjoyed spending time with his grandkids, Graeme and Madeline Tang, as well as Isaac and Hannah Goodings. Isaac leaves behind nine siblings: Edith, Elsie, Marie, Dorothy, John (married to Terry), Michael (married to Susan), and Karen (married to Rick), as well as countless nieces and nephews. His sisters, Annette and Kathleen, died before he did (Frank).