┬áIrene Butdorf Obituary, Death – Irene Grimes passed away at Butdorf’s, and the community as a whole is now aware of her passing because the news has since disseminated. As a direct consequence of this, the inhabitants of Sauk are filled with a profound sense of bereavement as a result of Irene’s demise. Irene was a faithful patron during her entire life at both the Sauk and the Tibbits theaters in Coldwater, where she frequently attended to watch movies. This was something that she did throughout her entire life. This was something that she continued to do for the rest of her life. Throughout the entirety of her existence, she had conducted herself in this manner without fail at all times.

Irene and Bill made the decision to host their engagement party at The Sauk because it was the location of both their first date and where they ultimately became engaged. Both Irene and Bill had a fantastic time at The Sauk. Irene and Bill both started their jobs in lower-level positions but eventually worked their way up to positions on The Sauk’s Board of Directors at one point in their respective careers. Irene’s prior responsibilities included being a member of the committee that oversaw the organization’s financial matters. During this trying time, her and her family are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are thinking about and praying for them often.

As we continue to think about and pray for them, we do so constantly in their presence. Her most recent performances in Sauk plays were as a member of the company in the musical “Does This Show Make My Butt Look Fat?,” as a jury foreman in the show “Anatomy of a Murder,” and as Widow Douglas in the show “Big River.” In recent performances, a different actor has taken on each of these three parts. Those performances have taken place recently.