India McBride Obituary, Death – Two female motorists were reportedly killed in a head-on collision that occurred on Interstate 440 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The reports that were obtained from the police indicate that the incident took place there. Their bodies were discovered at the scene of the accident, and it was determined that they had died there.

This happened on Tuesday morning on I-440 close to New Bern Avenue around 1:30 in the morning. The day was Tuesday. It has been reported by the authorities that a car and a truck were involved in the collision that took place as a result of the driver traveling in the incorrect direction on the highway. The accident came about as a result of the driver traveling in the incorrect direction. The vehicle was going in the wrong direction, heading west in lanes that were supposed to be used by vehicles going the other way.

India The victims who lost their lives as a direct result of the collision were identified as 19-year-old Simone McBride and 20-year-old Dearia Takayla Davis, according to the statements made by the police. The truck driver, who had been injured, was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment for his condition after being taken there by emergency personnel.

I-440 was closed between New Bern Avenue and I-87; however, it reopened between the early morning hours and the wee hours of the morning at some point during that time period.
After the initial collision, the police received a report that a third vehicle was involved in another collision with the vehicle that was going in the wrong direction.

This collision also involved the vehicle that was going in the wrong direction. The officer who responded to the scene of the accident and conducted the investigation stated in his report that the driver had not been hurt in any way by the collision. The investigation into the collision has not yet produced a finding that can be regarded as being definitive.