Ila Say Obituary, Death – It has been made public by the law enforcement officers who investigated the event that the identify of a Modesto lady who was killed earlier this week in west Modesto by a car that hit her and then fled the scene of the accident has been made public. The accident occurred earlier this week. They have also provided a description of the vehicle that they are looking for in connection with the incident, and they have made this information public. Ila Leann At about four o’clock on Monday morning, Say, who was 51 years old, was crossing South Carpenter Road when she was struck by a pickup truck moving in the opposite direction.

Due to the severity of her injuries, she was unable to recover and passed away. She was in a life-threatening situation when she was brought to the hospital, which is where she was sent. The crash took place in the neighborhood directly to the south of Waverly Drive around here in this general area. Say was killed there, but the driver of the pickup truck continued driving south and was able to get away from the crime scene. Say was shot and died at that place. The investigation conducted by the California Highway Patrol revealed that the pickup truck in question is a gray Dodge Dakota that was produced at some point between the years 1997 and 2004.

It is possible that the body of the car, in addition to the headlamp located on the left side of the vehicle, has been damaged. Alternatively, the headlamp could be intact. According to the information that can be seen on a GoFundMe website that was established by Say’s family, she was the mother of four children. Say’s family created the website. According to the information that is provided on the website, she was presumably on her way to the Quick Stop that is located on Paradise Road when she was struck down and killed. This information shows that she was heading in that direction.

Call the California Highway Patrol at the following number: (209) 545-7440 or call Crime Stoppers to leave a report anonymously at the following number: (866) 60-CRIME. If you or anyone you know has any information about the pickup truck or driver involved in this incident, please call the California Highway Patrol at the following number: (209) 545-7440. On the reverse side of the website for the California Highway Patrol, you’ll find both of these phone numbers listed.