Hunter Floyd Obituary, Death – Everyone at Timrod High School talked about Hunter when he was a senior there, and he was the center of attention. Floyd Hunter has moved on from Timrod High School, from which he graduated, to Wilson High School, where he is currently enrolled as a student. He received his diploma from Timrod High School. It is anticipated that he will graduate from Wilson High School with his high school diploma in the year 2020. The date of his graduation is scheduled for that year.

His family and friends are overjoyed by how far he has come and the challenges that he has overcome on the path that led him to the success that he is enjoying at the moment. They can’t believe how far he has come and how difficult it was for him to get here. They are unable to comprehend how far he has come or the obstacles that he has conquered.

They are unable to comprehend how far he has come or how difficult it has been for him to get to this point in his journey. Even though he is working a full-time job at the moment, he is still managing to keep his grade point average for the semester at a perfect 4.0. This is an impressive accomplishment. Regardless of this, he is carrying on with his education.

The message that was written in the card that was given to Hunter by his family read as follows: “In addition to being kind, considerate, loyal, and protective of those that you love, you have always been a giver.” Hunter felt a deep sense of gratitude for the thoughtfulness shown by his family. There is no reason for anyone in this room to have any reason to doubt that you will unquestionably be successful in accomplishing each and every one of your goals, and there is also no indication that suggests otherwise.