Howard Davis Obituary, Death –  Officer Howard A. Davis Sr., who had been battling illness for a long time and had recently retired from the police force, lost his long-fought battle with the disease and passed away yesterday evening in Thousand Oaks. Those who were affected by the shocking and unanticipated news of his departure were taken aback by the profound change it brought into their lives. Beginning in June 1964 and continuing on through July 1994, Howard worked as a police officer for the Beverly Hills Police Department. He was there for the entirety of that time. His time there spanned close to twenty years total nearly all together.

Because of the length of time he has spent working for the division, he is also known by the endearing nickname “H,” which was bestowed upon him by the individuals with whom he has worked. In the late 1980s, he assumed the role of President of the BHPOA and served in that capacity continuously right up until the time of his retirement in 1994. As such, he was in that role for a sizeable portion of the organization’s entire existence. In 1994, he took his retirement from that position. His time spent leading the BHPOA as president spanned a considerable amount of time and space. The memorial service that will be held in his honor in approximately two weeks from now will be held at Pierce Brothers, which is located in Westlake Village at 5600 Lindero Canyon Road. You can find Pierce Brothers by using the address above.

This place will act as the host location for the event that’s being held here. The time and date of the memorial service will be decided upon at that point, and the outcome of the vote will be announced to the general public. Lindie Nelson, who is still among us and is his daughter, is the most important member of his family who has survived, and she is the only one who is still alive. She is regarded as the matriarch of the family at this point in time. You can write to his daughter at the address 3283 Radcliffe Road, which is also her mailing address, and she will receive your letter. This is the address where she receives her mail.