Horace  Miller Obituary, Death – The findings of the investigation conducted by the Berkeley County Coroner’s Office have led to the conclusion that Horace John Miller was the victim of a car accident that occurred on the evening of November 13 in the City of Goose Creek at the intersection of Highway 52 and Stephanie Drive. This conclusion was reached based on the findings of the investigation conducted by the Berkeley County Coroner’s Office. Accident occurred in Goose Creek at approximately 7 o’clock in the evening and was located at the intersection of Stephanie Drive and Highway 52.

The Berkeley County Coroner’s Office arrived at this conclusion regarding the cause of death after conducting an investigation into the incident that led to the death. The collision took place in the residential area that can be found in the vicinity of where Highway 52 and Stephanie Drive intersect with one another. The gathering was held in the community of Goose Creek, which is located in the state of South Carolina in the United States of America.

The driver was found unconscious in the middle of the road, and he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the facility. The driver was found in the middle of the road. It is possible to find the location of the hospital in the neighborhood that you are currently in at this very moment.

According to the evidence that has been collected up to this point, Miller was most likely operating a motorcycle at the time that he was involved in the accident with the car. This is the inference that can be made from the information that has been presented.

Miller was so prudent that he was donning a helmet at the time of the incident so that he could protect his head from any potential damage that could have been sustained in the event of an accident. Because the investigation into the fatality is still ongoing and ongoing, the law enforcement agency has not provided any additional information about the incident. This is due to the fact that the investigation is still in progress.

The Goose Creek Gazette has reached out to the Goose Creek Department in an effort to obtain more details about the collision that has been called into question.