Helen Carpenter Obituary, Death – The sad news that one of the family members associated with Woodsfield Saving Bank had passed away was delivered to members of the Woodsfield Saving Bank family yesterday. Helen Carpenter, who had been the manager of our Barnesville location, sadly passed away under mysterious circumstances.

The circumstances surrounding her death remain a mystery. Because she was truly one of a kind, all of the workers at this company regarded her as both a friend and a model to aspire to and looked up to her as a result. Not only at the bank where she worked, but also in her religion, her family, and the community in which she resided, her dedication served as an example for each and every one of us to follow. She set this example not only in these areas, but also in all of the others. She served as a source of motivation for all of us.

Because she was a kind and generous person who gave back to the community, everyone in Barnesville who was fortunate enough to have known her and spent time with her will be mourning the loss of the people whose lives she touched. This is because she was an active member of the community. Rocky, Helen’s husband, along with her sons Jeff and Tony have moved on with their lives since Helen’s passing. Rocky has also grieved for his late wife.

Former Chief Financial Officer of our company and one of Helen’s younger sisters, Connie Richter, formerly worked for us. Her title was Chief Financial Officer. Helen was the name given to the older of the two sisters. Our condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with Helen’s family as well as all of her friends and those who were fortunate enough to be able to call her a friend. We were fortunate to have been able to call Helen a friend. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have Helen as a part of our lives.