Hector Negron Obituary, Death – According to the medical examiner who was called to the scene of the killing and who was present when the shooting occurred, the victim has been identified as the man who was brutally shot on Monday in the West Loop neighborhood of the city in the city while he was driving a tow truck and on his way to work. This information was provided by the medical examiner who was present when the shooting occurred. During the time that the shooting took place, the medical examiner was present.

The medical examiner was there in the area when the incident occurred in order to conduct their investigation. When the assault took place, the man was on his way to work. The event that was intended to take place on Monday did, in fact, take place on Monday as it was originally scheduled. Hector Negron, 49, was killed by a gunshot wound; he is survived by his wife, five children, and seven grandkids. Hector Negron was shot. Hector Negron was shot multiple times, which ultimately led to his death.

Hector Negron was shot, and he sustained a wound. Hector Negron sustained multiple gunshot wounds over the course of his life, which finally led to his passing. Hector Negron was wounded as a result of taking a bullet to the leg, which caused the injury. It was eventually discovered that a wound he got from a gunshot was the cause of his death in the end. [Cause of death:] [Cause of death:] Negron was shot, which led in him obtaining a wound that ended up being the one that ultimately proved to be fatal. The wound that Negron received ended up being the one that ultimately proved fatal. As an immediate and unavoidable result of this, he passed away. Since Hector’s departure, his family has been thrown into complete and utter chaos, and this state of affairs has persisted for a considerable amount of time at this point.