Harold Cook Obituary, Death – On the Sunday after the previous one, Harold Cook, who was a patient at St. John’s Hospital, passed suddenly without any signs of distress or agony. He had been there since the previous Saturday. Due to the fact that he was born on the 20th of April in 1966, his birthday is celebrated on that particular date. Before he was born, all of his relatives—including his parents, Clarence McGowan and Wanda (Thompson), as well as his grandparents William and Eunice (Sullivan) Thompson—had already passed away.

His father’s name was Clarence McGowan, and his mother’s name was Wanda (Thompson). His grandparents were his great-grandparents. Both of his mother and father’s names were revealed to him at the same time. Yahtzee was one of Buddy’s favorite tabletop games, along with a wide variety of other card and board games. In addition to that, he enjoyed a wide range of dice games. It was more his style to laze around the house and watch sports on television, particularly football and NASCAR, when he had free time.

His children’s names are Matthew Cook of Springfield, April (Lance) Howton of Texas, and William Cook of Staunton. Matthew is the oldest and lives in Springfield. April lives in Texas. Matthew is the oldest of the three and currently resides in Springfield. Texas is where April makes her home. In addition, he is survived by his granddaughter, his sister Sheli (Michael) Barnard of Moro, his brother Steve (Bunny) McGowan of Versailles, Missouri, his sister Tami Cook of Springfield, and his sister Ketura Rothe of Hot Springs, Arkansas. All of these individuals are located in the state of Missouri.

These persons can all be found inside the boundaries of the state of Missouri. In addition, he leaves behind a sizable number of nieces and nephews who will carry on his legacy. There will be a funeral or memorial service held in Buddy’s honor at some point in the not too distant future in order to commemorate his life and pay respects to him. This will take place at some point in the not too distant future.