Hailey Brooks Obituary, Death – The child victim who passed away after being hit by a pickup truck during the Raleigh Christmas Parade that took place the weekend before is still being mourned by the community of Raleigh. The accident occurred during the Raleigh Christmas Parade. WRAL News has information regarding the identity of the victim, who was 11 years old. WRAL News has also obtained information regarding the incident. They have been told by a number of different sources that the victim was a dancer from CC & Company Dance Complex named Hailey Brooks. Brooks was taking part in the parade on Saturday with the group when she was struck and killed by an out-of-control pickup truck.

A memorial was erected in Raleigh along Hillsborough Street close to Boylan Avenue, not far from the site of the collision that took place there. A sign that read “‘Hailey’ Dancing in the Arms of Jesus!” was present. Another piece of information was discovered by the news station in Raleigh, which was the fact that the driver of the pickup truck had multiple tickets for a variety of different types of violations related to vehicles. According to the court records for the state of Virginia, 20-year-old Landen Glass had a number of tickets on his record for non-moving violations, including four tickets for failing to have a vehicle inspected, the most recent of which was issued on October 30.

Additionally, Landen Glass had a number of other tickets on his record for other non-moving violations. After conducting an investigation, WRAL found that on the 30th of October, when Glass was issued the ticket, he was driving the same GMC Denali that lost control on Saturday. This information was discovered as a result of the investigation. After the collision on Saturday, the police in Raleigh made an arrest of Glass and charged him with a variety of offenses, including carrying a firearm in a parade, careless and reckless driving, improper equipment, unsafe movement, and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. These charges were brought against Glass as a result of the collision. He was given the opportunity to post bond, and his next court appearance is scheduled to take place on January 26.