Hailee Grovo Obituary, Death – On May 22, Aaron and Marie Grovo welcomed Hailee Grovo into the world in Sandy, Utah. She was killed in a tragic car accident on Friday. Hailee was a kind and caring member of the family. She was always attentive and kind, and she was a born mediator. She made an effort to include and love everyone in her family and friend groups because she wanted everyone in her family and friend groups to be happy and get along. She was an amazing daughter, sister, grandmother, cousin, and friend. She was brilliant, intelligent, talented, and amusing.

Hailee appreciated her older sister Sabrina’s willingness to try new things. She was very competitive and thrived on achievement. She enjoyed sports and participated in cross-country, track and field, soccer, and swimming (under duress). She honed her musical ability with piano lessons, chorus singing, and solo or small ensemble performances. She was involved in her church’s youth programs and served as a leader for the young in her wards and stakes. Her Young Woman’s Medallion was earned through hard effort and commitment to the Savior. Hailee’s Christlike love has been felt by many young people since she physically dragged them into the activity and made sure they were included and having fun.

After achieving exceptionally well on her college entrance examinations during her junior year, Hailee elected to skip her final year of high school and attend Brigham Young University. She had a terrific time working at Waffle Love during this time and made a lot of new friends. She only needed three more semesters to finish her bachelor’s degree, which she had started three years before. She served as Young Women Class Presidency, Bishop’s Youth Council, Stake Youth Council, Seminary Council, Relief Society President in a BYU student ward, and other positions of leadership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Hailee was always up for doing new things, whether it was camping, backpacking, cliff jumping, kayaking, hiking, or whatever else she could get her hands on. She would agree to any physical task that her father felt he would like. She reasoned that if he could do it, she could too, and she did. She had an unrivaled social network at BYU. Many of her close friends are still with her, distraught about her death. One of Hailee’s closest friends, Ashlyn Hanzon, also died. Ashlyn was a beautiful angel who will be missed by her family and those who knew her. They are most likely among their deceased relatives and acquaintances. Hailee is survived by her beloved brother Mike, parents Marie and Aaron Grovo, and sisters Sabrina (Quenton) Hale, Rachel, Katherine, and Lila. Dale and Phyllis Kenison and Bruce and Jan Grovo, as well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, survive her. Her uncle, Andy Grovo, and her cousin, Michael Houser, died before she was born.