Gwendoline Chittock Obituary, Death – Gwendoline Chittock Wilson, who took her husband’s surname after they were married and changed it to Wilson, will be fondly remembered by many people. Gwen, who had lived in York prior to moving to Hemsworth, passed away on October 25 at the age of 65 as the result of a tragic accident that took place at Pinderfields Hospital. The accident took place on the day of Gwen’s birthday.

The address of Gwen’s home on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth is known to all. Gwen was taken away from us in a way that was cruel and pointless to endure. Martin’s devoted and loving wife, who also happens to be his co-habitant at this point in their marriage. She is the mother of Andrew, Paul, Craig, and Dale, all of whom hold the utmost respect and esteem for their mother.

Her children respect and esteem her in equal measure. And a doting grandmother who is held in the highest regard by her grandchildren Alana, Emily, Ethie, and Tyler. They love and adore their grandmother very much. Those who were closest to her will be the ones to most keenly feel the void that her death has created because she was the kind of person who was held in high regard by everyone.

At the Pontefract Crematorium, the funeral service for Gwen will begin at 11:40 in the morning on November 15th. The service will be held in memory of Gwen. Following the funeral service, Gwen’s body will be cremated. After the funeral service, Gwen’s body will be cremated, and then the ashes will be scattered. At this time, flowers ought to be restricted to being delivered only to the immediate family. In lieu of flowers, the family requests financial contributions of any amount, which will be gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Following the conclusion of the service, there will be a donation box available for individuals to use in order to make their financial contributions. The Dogs Trust is more than willing to take any and all of the money that is donated to them as a result of this event. Everyone who knew Gwen and would like to stay for some refreshments after the funeral service has concluded is cordially invited to do so at the West End Club in Hemsworth. The invitation comes with our sincere thanks and appreciation.

The conclusion of the service is anticipated to take place shortly after 1 pm.
You are more than welcome to share your condolences with the people who were Gwen’s closest friends and family members in the comments section that can be found further down on this page. Your comments will be read by all of these individuals. If you have any questions, you can reach Infinity Funerals at this number: 0800 772 3735.