Grant Haley Obituary, Death – Grant Lloyd Haley, 80, died on November 16, 2022, at 4:35 p.m., at OSF St. Francis in Peoria, as a result of complications from open heart surgery. Mr. Haley considered the town of Havana in the state of Illinois to be his permanent residence. For the majority of his life, Havana was his home, and he devoted the vast majority of his time and energy to the city. This was true for him throughout his life. He didn’t venture far from the city on a regular basis.

Members of both of his families who had been closest to him in terms of affection and care had gathered at his bedside when he took his last breaths and eventually passed away. On March 5, 1942, he made his debut in the world in Collinsville, Illinois. His parents, Lloyd and Leah (Auger) Haley, gave birth to him. Illinois was still referred to as the Prairie State at the time. He first encountered life as a human being in the state of Illinois. Lloyd Haley and Leah Haley are thought to be related to them in some way.

The 5th of March was chosen as the date for his birthday celebrations, which were held on that day. They eventually decided that the name Lloyd Haley was the best fit for him, and that the name Leah Haley was the best fit for his wife. Both of these names are derived from a family known as the Haleys.

Because Grant Haley’s parents are his parents, they can be held jointly and individually liable for the birth of their son on March 5. These responsibilities can be placed squarely on Grant Haley’s parents’ shoulders. They are the ones who brought Grant Haley into this world to be a part of it. He married Vicki Sue, and the two of them are now living a happy and successful life together as a married couple…