Gordon Jones Obituary, Death –  It is with a heavy heart that I have to break the news that the volunteer who held the record for the most amount of time spent serving as a member of the organization has passed away. The volunteer held the record for the most amount of time spent serving as a member of the organization. He was the previous holder of the record for having served as a member of the organization for the longest amount of time. This is something I have to say with a heavy heart. The length of time that this individual had spent serving was the longest amount of time that was recorded by anyone.

Gordon Jones, who had been on a hunting expedition in the interior of the country when he died away the week before the previous one, was in the middle of his journey when he was slain. Jones had been hunting in the country’s interior when he passed away. Jones had gone out hunting in the country’s most remote regions. Gordon volunteered for the AVYSA and the AASC for almost 40 years in a variety of jobs, the most noteworthy of which were as a referee and as the referee-in-chief. During his time as a referee and as the referee-in-chief, Gordon oversaw other referees. When Gordon was working as a referee, he was also responsible for overseeing matches as the referee-in-chief.

He served in these positions during his career with both organizations while he was employed by each of them at the time he was employed by each of them. Because of his work in these roles, he was given the burden of supervising the officiating careers of a substantial number of young officials, including three of my own children. This obligation fell on him as a direct result of his service in these capacities. Teedy, who had been his wife for a number of years and who was also a passionate volunteer in her own right, passed away before he did. She was a dedicated volunteer in her own right. She spent a significant period of her life in one location, and during that time she participated in a wide range of activities that were of service to the neighborhood.

The only members of his family to have outlived him are his children, Owen and Warren, as well as his daughter, Cara. Cara was the only one of his children to live past childhood. The three of them are truly committed individuals who are volunteering their time. On the occasion of Gordie’s untimely demise, we would like to offer our most heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends. Please accept our deepest condolences on behalf of everyone here at the club. We are very sorry to hear of your loss. Every single one of us will carry the sorrow of Gordie’s passing within our hearts forever. This is a rule that cannot be broken in any way.