Gordon Baren Obituary, Death -A man from Indiana was working on a dairy farm when he fell unconscious and drowned after falling into a manure lagoon. The incident occurred after he fell into the lagoon. During that time, he was in the middle of setting up some brand new agricultural machinery. According to the information that the Coroner Andrew Boersma provided to inside Edition Digital, Gordon Van Baren, who was 30 years old at the time, was reported missing on the morning of November 14 at approximately 8:30 a.m.

During that time, he was assisting another individual on the farm in the process of installing new machinery.  The other person left the area, and when they returned, they discovered that the farm equipment had been moved, which meant that it was impossible for them to see Van Baren. Consequently, they were unable to see him. They were unable to see him as a direct consequence of this.

Following that, it is reported that they contacted the authorities, as Boersma elaborates on the topic. At 12:44 p.m., the local fire department located Van Baren inside the manure lagoon known as Boersman and removed him from the lagoon once they discovered him there. The loss of blood, which is also known as exsanguination, was determined to be the official cause of death by the coroner after an investigation was carried out.

According to the report from the coroner, Van Baren’s femoral artery in his leg had been severed, which resulted in him losing a significant amount of blood. This was stated in the cause of Van Baren’s death. Despite the fact that Van Baren wasn’t discovered for several hours after the incident, he was said to have passed away “almost instantly” after the artery was severed, which caused his death. He had already passed away prior to the artery being cut.