Glenn Dupree Obituary , Death – This week, the body of a tugboat worker was found in Orange County, and an autopsy has been scheduled for this week in order to determine the person’s cause of death. An investigation is currently underway. This week is going to be spent performing the autopsy. The autopsy is scheduled to take place during this week because that is the time that has been reserved for it.

At approximately five o’clock on Monday evening, crewmembers aboard the vessel informed law enforcement about the death that had taken place in the 19000 block of Mansfield Ferry Road. The person had already passed away by that point in the day. By that point in the day, the individual had already died and was no longer with us.

At first, the only information that law enforcement had about the person who had died was that they were white and male. This was all they knew about the deceased person. This was due to the fact that they had not yet established communication with the surviving members of the family of the deceased person. The occurrence of this was due to the fact that. On Tuesday afternoon, the police discovered a man who has since been identified as Glenn Edward Dupree. Dupree, who is 46 years old and lives in the Beaumont area, was given a name at the time of his discovery. Glenn Edward Dupree

According to Captain Joey Jacobs of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, who made statements regarding the investigation, the death of the man was not the result of natural causes. This information was provided by Captain Joey Jacobs.

It is hoped that the autopsy will be able to determine the individual’s cause of death, which will in turn shed some light on the circumstances that ultimately led to the individual’s passing. Jacobs stated that at the present time they were in the process of conducting interviews with a variety of crew members and that this was something that they were currently working on.