Gerry Saxton Obituary, Death – The unexpected death of Firefighter Gerry Saxton was reported by the St. Catharines Fire Services, and it is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you at this time. Firefighter Gerry Saxton, who had been serving our community for the previous 18 years, passed away yesterday evening. He had been with us for the past 24 years. During this trying time, we are keeping Gerry’s family as well as his coworkers in our thoughts and prayers.

He never got tired of playing with his kids, and when they were younger, he would often carry one of them home from school on his shoulders. We are going to miss having him here with us. Gerry was well-known in the Merritton neighborhood as a contributing member of the community who exuded positivity and was easy to spot. The two of us grew up practically next door to each other in the same neighborhood. He was only seen outside the house, either working on the cars in the driveway or walking around the neighborhood. He was never seen inside the house.

Gerry was there at all times to offer a reassuring and calming presence for everyone. I’m sure that no one who knew him would be surprised by my comment here about his generosity, but I wanted to include it so that his family will be able to see the effect that he had on the people he helped in the community that he served. I’m sure that no one who knew him would be surprised by my comment here about his generosity. All of those who are suffering as a result of his passing are being offered heartfelt condolences, and these are being sent to his fire family, which includes his wife and children.