George Kraft Obituary,  Death – In addition to his role as a Professor of Water Resources, George Kraft also serves as the Director of the Center for Watershed Science and Education at the University of New Hampshire. It has come to his attention that the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Extension are both interested in having him join their staffs in the capacities of an employee. The primary focus of Dr. Kraft’s position is to offer help to the individuals, communities, businesses, and governments located within the state of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Idea, which asserts that “the boundaries of the University are the boundaries of the state,” inspires him to have a tremendous amount of passion for community engagement, and he does so because of this. Dr. Kraft is actively involved in a wide range of outreach activities, some of which concentrate on the pollution of groundwater by nitrates and pesticides; the drying up of lakes and streams as a result of groundwater pumping; the modernization of groundwater pumping management policy and laws in Wisconsin; the drying up of lakes and streams in the central sands of Wisconsin; and the provision of assistance to stewardship groups in the organization and management of their water resources.

Concerns about the long-term durability of water resources, particularly in regard to the effects of productive agriculture on water, are at the core of Dr. Kraft’s principal research interests. He is actively involved in the community by coaching high school cross-country skiing and serving as a coach for the high school cross-country skiing team. He is also an officer for the Tomorrow River Scholarship Foundation, which is a foundation that provides scholarships for students attending Tomorrow River High School. Outside of the office, some of my other interests include gardening, hiking, and participating in aerobic sports competitions, the most prominent of which is cross-country ski racing. He has participated in 25 different Birkebeiner ski competitions and has finished in the top half of the field each and every time.