George Baird Obituary, Death – George Baird was a close friend of the family and an ardent supporter of both the memorial fund and the justice campaign. He was a strong advocate for both causes. In addition, he was active in support of both of these causes. He was an ardent advocate for both of the movements that were taking place. He was a fervent supporter of both of the movements that were gaining momentum at the same time.

We just learned about his passing, and it has left all of us with a profound sense of loss. The news of his passing just recently reached us. He was a supporter of these two distinct causes for the entirety of his life and he continued to do so until his death. Everyone who knew George would agree that he was one of a kind. George was truly exceptional. George was truly remarkable in every way. George was truly exceptional in every conceivable way. Cheerio, George; it’s not goodbye, pal; it’s just until we meet again one day on the other side of things.

This is not goodbye, it’s just until we meet again. This is not good-bye; rather, it is only until the next time we meet. During this difficult time, everyone here at the campaign would like to offer their most heartfelt condolences to George’s family and friends. We are truly sorry for your loss. We are deeply sorry for the loss you have suffered.

The assistance that George provided was absolutely necessary in the production of two memorials in Belfast that honor our three sons and are dedicated to them for their service. The memorials were constructed in honor of and are dedicated to them for their military service. These memorials are located in the city of Belfast, which is located in the country of Northern Ireland.