Garyoun Tyrone Obituary, Death -In relation to the fatal shooting that took place during a parade in Dothan, the Dothan Police Department has confirmed that in addition to the victim who ultimately passed away as a result of their injuries, at least two additional people of interest have been identified in connection with the investigation into the fatal shooting. The victim lost their life as a direct consequence of the shooting.

According to a press release that was issued by the Dothan Police Department, Garyoun Tyrone Fluellen, 22, a resident of Dothan, was reportedly shot in the torso during a fight that took place close to the Peanut Festival parade. The information regarding this incident was provided in the press release. The fight took place near the parade route. The department volunteered this particular piece of information. It was discovered at Southeast Health that he had already passed away, despite the fact that he had been transported there. He was taken there by transportation.

Another victim sustained two gunshot wounds to the torso, and after being transported to Southeast Health, he underwent surgery to treat his wounds. Another victim suffered two gunshot wounds to the torso. According to the statement that was made public, the victim’s condition has not improved for some time now, which is concerning.

Mekhi Nasir Lawton, age 18, and Mark Quinten Small Jr., also age 18, both of Dothan, are being investigated as persons of interest by the Dothan Police Department and are wanted for questioning in connection with a criminal investigation. Both of these individuals live in Dothan. In an effort to locate these two individuals who have gone missing, the Dothan Police Department has issued a request for assistance from the general public.

It is too soon to tell if there was any involvement with a gang, according to the Denver Police Department (DPD), but it has not been ruled out that there was any involvement with a gang. The possibility that there was involvement with a gang has not been ruled out. A shooting took place during the incident, which took place in the central business district of Dothan, specifically at the intersection of West Main Street and Montana Street, where the two streets meet.