Garnett Porter Obituary,  Death –  Mrs. Garnett Sue Frazier Porter was a resident of Elliott County, Kentucky, at the time of her passing on November 17, 2022. Her passing occurred on that date. She was showered with love and support up until the very end of her life by her dedicated family members, who took care of her till the very end of her life. She was present to see the woman take her last breath and bear witness to the event. She was there at the time and observed it. She had a long and productive life, and by the time she passed away at the age of 75, she had accomplished a great deal during her time on earth and could reflect on it with contentment.

She had lived a long and fruitful life. She lived a lengthy life that was full with accomplishments. Carter County, Kentucky was the location where she made her entrance into the world on August 31, 1947. That particular area was the scene of her delivery. It is the location where she first opened her eyes. Her parents, Roland Frazier and Cova Stamper, both of whom have passed away since the event in question, were present during her delivery and assisted in the process. Her parents were present to help her give delivery. They were the ones who were to blame for the fact that she gave delivery without any complications.

Since that time, regrettably, both of them have died away, but they are both hopefully in a better place now. It is unfortunate to have to report that both of her parents have moved on to the next world at this point in time since both of their deaths have taken place, but it is necessary to do so in light of the fact that both of their passings have taken place. The origins of her family can be traced all the way back to Carter County, which is situated in the state of Kentucky, which is in the nation of the United States of America.