Gangaram Isharm Obituary,  Death – The dead body of a man was found on the East Coast of Demerara in the town of Ogle. Ogle is located on the East Coast of Demerara. The individual had been buried in a trench prior to its discovery, and at the time of its death, they were 53 years old. The body of the deceased man was discovered in the trench in which he had been buried after having been buried there. Both the circumstances surrounding the man’s death and the circumstances surrounding the man’s death itself are the subject of an investigation that the police are currently conducting.

The victim, who has been identified as Gangaram Isharm, resided in the ECD in a neighborhood known as the Industry Housing Scheme. The scheme is named after the community. The report that was taken from the investigation by the police stated that the body of the deceased person exhibited no signs of injury or trauma anywhere on its surface.

It was reported that the police went to the trench in front of the Ogle Center Ground at approximately 06:00 hours on Thursday in an attempt to locate the body after receiving information about the location of the body from an unknown caller. The body of the deceased person was reportedly discovered by law enforcement officers in the trench where they were searching.

When the body of the man was discovered, it was discovered sitting on a bicycle that had a color scheme of dark green and black. When the man’s body was found, it was discovered that both his head and body had been submerged in water. The head was found first.

The investigators were told by the victim’s sister that the victim’s brother drinks an unhealthy amount of alcohol but does not suffer from any known medical conditions. This information was relayed to the investigators from the victim. Investigators are still gathering information as they look into the circumstances that led to his death and are currently conducting an investigation into those circumstances.