Gage Huesgen Obituary, Death – Gage Huesgen of Wentzville, Missouri has sadly passed away. Treasured son of Peter and Marie Huesgen, both of whom passed away before him; devoted husband of Jane Ann Huesgen for the previous 48 years John Vocks was the other sibling to accomplish this feat. Both of his grandparents had passed away before he was born, following in the footsteps of his own parents who had already passed away. His parents’ parents had also passed away before he was born.

Gage was able to construct or fix almost anything conceivable thanks to the extensive set of skills he possessed. He was a one-man jack-of-all-trades. This was a result of the fact that he possessed more than one skill set as an individual. He was known for his expertise in a great deal of different fields and fields of study. He was a remarkable cook who took a lot of pleasure in hosting dinner parties for his loved ones, including his family and the people he cared about the most in his life. These dinner parties were always a highlight of his social calendar. Bowling, fishing, and hunting were some of his absolute favorite things to do in his spare time, so he made sure to engage in those pursuits the majority of the time when he had free time.

It was impossible for him to watch enough of the St. Louis Cardinals games because he was such a fervent supporter of the baseball team that it was impossible for him to miss any of the games that the team played. Because Gage’s mother and sister were the most important people in his life, he naturally gravitated toward ways to pass the time that allowed him to spend more time with them. This was Gage’s preferred way to kill time. Everyone who had the privilege of getting to know him will feel a profound loss at his passing because they had such a profound love for him. Because of this, they will all be profoundly saddened by his passing. He will be sorely missed by everyone.