Floyd James Obituary,  Death – WMBF’s reporting indicates that the county of DARLINGTON can be found in the state of South Carolina. An accident that occurred early in the morning on Friday in the Pee Dee region resulted in the death of a driver of a car after the vehicle they were driving collided with a tree after being involved in an earlier accident. The accident occurred after the driver of the car had been involved in an earlier accident. Following an earlier collision in which the driver’s vehicle had been involved, the occurrence in question took place. It is possible that the severity of this accident was exacerbated by the fact that the driver of the car involved had previously been involved in another collision.

According to Trooper Nick Pye of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the crash took occurred on E McIver Road and Interstate 95 in Darlington County at approximately two in the morning. According to the information provided by Pye, a Chevrolet truck manufactured in 2005 was heading west on McIver Road when it suddenly lost control, veered off the road, and collided with the tree. The automobile was involved in an accident, which resulted in it rolling over as a result of the impact of the collision. Floyd Hunter According to the findings of Todd Hardee, who is in charge of serving as the coroner for Darlington County, the name James will be given to the individual who has passed away.

James was chosen as the name that would work best for the individual in question. James had recently turned 21 years old when he passed away, so he was still a young man. It had only been a short while since he had his birthday party. Hardee claims that a medical examiner who was present at the scene of the crime pronounced James dead as soon as the event that caused his death occurred. According to Hardee, this occurred right after the act had already taken place. The South Carolina Highway Patrol, which is a state agency in the state of South Carolina, is conducting an investigation into the incident in question at this time. The obligation of carrying out the investigation has been delegated to the aforementioned body.