Florentino Ruidiaz Obituary, Death – A city resident who was 42 years old and driving a vehicle that was involved in an accident that occurred at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Nye Avenue was fatally involved in a collision with a utility pole. The accident occurred at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Nye Avenue.

This was the same location ten weeks earlier when a pedestrian had been killed in a chain-reaction crash that involved multiple vehicles that involved multiple vehicles that involved multiple vehicles. Florentino Ruidiaz, who is more affectionately referred to within his family as “Junior,” was the one who was driving the vehicle.

Junior has been given this nickname since he was a child. Florentino was the one who gave Junior his nickname. On November 6, at approximately 2:03 in the morning, the Brockton Police Department and the State Police responded to reports of a motor vehicle crash, as stated in a written statement that was provided by the office of the Plymouth County district attorney. It was reported that the collision took place somewhere in the neighborhood of 262 Pleasant Street.

According to the statement, when the police arrived at the scene, they discovered a Nissan Altima that had collided with a utility pole and was parked off to the side of the lane heading eastbound. This was discovered by the police when they arrived at the scene. The front end of the vehicle had sustained a significant amount of damage as a result of the collision.

Ruidiaz was taken by ambulance to the Good Samaritan Medical Center, but when he got there, it was found that he had already passed away; the hospital was unable to revive him. According to what is written on a GoFundMe page that was established in honor of Ruidiaz by members of his family, friends of Ruidiaz’s have referred to him as “a stand-up guy who will always be missed.” Ruidiaz passed away on October 3, 2018. It was not possible to get in touch with his relatives right away in order to inquire about their thoughts on the matter and get their immediate feedback.