Felicia Johnson Obituary, Death РOn October 24, 2022, Felicia Johnson, the well-liked proprietor of Roslyn Herbs, went dead unexpectedly as a result of a heart attack. The funeral for her was held the day after she passed away. Everyone was taken aback by the fact that the cause of death was unexpected, and they were all surprised by it. Even while this shop was clearly one of her favorites, she placed the biggest importance on the Roslyn neighborhood. We are doing this with a heavy heart, but in order to attend to the legalities of her inheritance, we have no alternative but to keep the business closed indefinitely.

This is a difficult decision for us to make. We ask that you kindly accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause. The fact that things have to continue in this manner is something that we feel terrible about. You all have not stopped coming out to show Roslyn Herbs and Felicia your love in spite of the fact that the path hasn’t been an easy one because of the wildfires, snowstorms, and pandemic that has been raging on. I am grateful. I would like to take advantage of this chance to express my heartfelt appreciation to each and every person who has extended a helping hand to my family and me over the course of the past six years.

If you have any memories of Felicia that you would want to share with me, the best place for you to do so would be in the comment part of this page, so please do not hesitate to do so if you do. If you do not have any memories of Felicia, you may read about her here. You are welcome to write down any thoughts or anecdotes about Felicia that you have and send them to me in the comment section of this site. I would love to hear from you. I am grateful. -Eric Miles