Eugene Reba Obituary, Death –  Police are attempting to solve the enigmatic death of a senior who was discovered on Monday in his Graniteville residence with several stab wounds. When police were called to Eugene Reba’s apartment in the Richmond Gardens building at 1290 Richmond Ave. around 10:40 a.m., it was determined that his death was a homicide. According to a statement from the NYPD, EMS declared the unconscious and unresponsive guy deceased on the spot. According to several accounts, a home health aide arrived for her shift but was unable to contact the victim, leading to a call to the police.

According to a person familiar with the inquiry, Reba was discovered in his bed, covered in blankets, with stab wounds to the right side of his torso. Reba, who was reported to have lived alone and had no prior criminal history in New York City, was killed; police have not yet named a suspect and are currently looking for a motive. Although Reba had a home health attendant, the source claimed that he was not confined to his bed and frequently left and entered his apartment. According to the source, there were no evidence of forced entry and his home was not ransacked. The police were first able to confirm his existence as recently as Nov. 10 in the evening.

The body was discovered inside the apartment, according to Keith Kafader, a longtime resident and maintenance professional at the complex. They stated, “No one has seen him in a few weeks. I’d appreciate it if you could enter the apartment,'” Kafader recalled. According to Kafader, he climbed the balcony to Reba’s apartment and entered through the patio door. The victim’s bedroom, according to him, was “a bit hot” and smelled strongly. The victim only resided there for a brief period of time, a neighbor informed the media. Kafader declared, “This is a typically secure place. Not to seem like one of those stereotypical individuals, but that kind of thing doesn’t happen here. Kafader claimed that finding the body was too emotionally taxing to continue performing wellness checks.