Eric Bender Obituary, Death – Eric Bender’s struggle with natural causes came to a sudden and unexpected conclusion on Saturday, and he passed away at his home. Beth and Dick Bender, both of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, welcomed their son into the world on September 14th, making him the newest member of their family. Eric was the proud owner and operator of the Beer Shed in Waynesboro, and he found that getting to know his customers and having meaningful conversations with them brought him a great deal of happiness.

Throughout the 1990s, Eric was an exceptional athlete for the Chambersburg team. After completing his time at Chambersburg, he moved on to James Madison University to continue his baseball career. It’s possible that this is how some people will remember him. Eric’s life was not described by a batting average or a percentage of free throws made; rather, it was marked by the accomplishments and participation he had as a spouse, father, son, and friend.

It was obvious that Eric dedicated a lot of time and energy to sports, but his entire life did not revolve around them. He took pleasure in making other people laugh, and because he had such a sharp sense of humor and a plain delivery, he was able to show all of us how to make fun of ourselves. Because Eric was a genuine individual with a big, generous heart, we will continue to experience his love and presence in our lives each and every day even after he has passed away.

He is survived by his wife, Megan; their daughters Alex and Cami; his sister, Kate (Brandon) Cornwell; his grandparents, Bob Jacobs (Connie) and Tank Bender (Sonnie), both of Chambersburg; his father-in-law, Dave Sullivan of Waynesboro; his mother-in-law, Kathy (Bill) Himmelreich of Wayne, Pennsylvania; and his brothers-in-law, Davey (Cara) Sullivan of York and Tim Himmelreich of Wayne, Pennsylvania; Before he passed away, his grandmother, Annette (Frecon), Jacobs, had already left this world.