Emily Rose Obituary, Death – According to a report that asserts Emily Rose passed away not too long ago, the information for the report was gathered from a variety of online sources and compiled into a report. The news of his passing left us feeling sad and weighed heavily on our hearts when we received it. The tragic news of the death has been met with a number of reactions on social media, which has, as a result, led to members of the deceased person’s family and friends expressing their condolences for the loss of their loved one. Every new beginning in life inexorably ushers in the arrival of the arrival at the conclusion of its logical progression.

The formation of memories is one of the achievements of human existence; despite the fact that life itself is only fleeting, memories can often be preserved for the rest of a person’s life. Despite the fact that memories can be preserved for a person’s entire life, life itself is only fleeting. We want to thank you for your patience while we investigate the rumor that Emily Rose has passed away; the more information you can provide, the better. The statement that can be found below claims that a user on one of the many different social media platforms was the one who brought the news of the death to our attention.

I can’t even explain the hurt my heart feels  Emily was the sweetest, most loving little girl who gave the biggest hugs. When she was in Kindergarten she was in our class and her smile would light up our classroom please keep the family in your prayers. ~ Lisa Thackerson Ozbolt

A GoFundMe account has been created by Lisa Marie Soto for the funeral expenses of the deceased. It says;  Hi, my name is Lisa and I am posting this fundraiser during the most difficult time of my life forgive me I cannot write anybody back right now my soul left me when my daughter took her life last night she was scared and she was very sad but she did know God and I know that God knew her heart I am asking please for prayers and the only thing that anybody can do for me is pray in this time and to donate to this fundraiser for funeral expenses so I can bury my daughter and give her a funeral that she so deeply deserves to have I need to be able to visit her again and lay her to rest peacefully.

It was her wish to be buried as well as mine. This still doesn’t feel real and I am truly touched by how many people Emily has had an impact on and how the community has come together and how many people she Touched in the school I thank all family and friends and schools and authority figures that have contacted me and checked on me during the hardest day of my life. Anything helps towards this goal. God Bless you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance.