Elsa Quintero-Barriga Obituary, Death –  It was determined that the victim of the fatal shooting that took place on Saturday in South Peoria was a woman in her fifties. The incident resulted in the victim’s death. According to the information provided by Jamie Harwood, the coroner for Peoria County, Elsa Veronica Quintero-Barriga, who was 50 years old, passed away on Saturday as a result of gunshot wounds that she received at her home on West Montana Street.

On Tuesday, Harwood stated that Quintero-Barriga had been shot in the upper body, which ultimately led to her death. He also stated that this was the cause of her death. It is extremely likely that she passed away in the moments immediately following the shooting. At this time, the circumstances surrounding her passing are being investigated as possibly involving homicide. According to the brief email he sent out, he will not be providing any additional information at this time.

Peoria police have not disclosed a significant amount of information regarding the shooting that occurred on Tuesday evening in the 2800 block of West Montana around 8:30 p.m. Peoria police have not disclosed a significant amount of information regarding the shooting. According to the statements provided by the police, they received a call to 911 stating that shots had been fired and that a burglary was taking place at the time the call was received.

Officers entered a house where they found a woman who was unresponsive and appeared to have been shot. It appeared as though she had been shot. According to the police, there were attempts made to save the victim’s life; however, the victim did not make it through and was pronounced dead at a hospital in the area. Despite these efforts, the victim did not survive.

The fatal shooting is the 24th person to be killed by a firearm in the city so far in 2018. The shooting was reported to be suspicious, but the police do not currently have any information on possible suspects in their possession. You can stay up to date with the most recent breaking news by downloading the Journal Star app.

If you have any information regarding the shooting, you are encouraged to contact Detective Roberto Vasquez at (309) 494-8369. Alternatively, you may call tip411 or Crime Stoppers at (309) 673-9000 to provide information in an anonymous manner. Anyone who can provide information to the police regarding the shooting is urged to do so by the authorities.