Elijah Ellis Obituary, Death – A young boy from Sidney was killed in an accident involving two vehicles that took place early on Saturday morning in Tuscarawas County. The incident occurred in Tuscarawas County. According to the information provided by the Ohio Highway Patrol, Elijah D. Ellis, age 5, was a passenger in a Honda CRV that was being operated by his father, Justice Ellis, age 25, of Sidney. Justice Ellis was driving. The Honorable Justice Ellis was hurt in the collision. Elijah was transported from the location of the accident to Akron Children’s Hospital, but the medical staff there were unable to save his life.

When the accident occurred, Ellis was driving eastbound on US 36 near High Street. He crossed a double yellow line and drove off the left side of the roadway, which caused him to collide with a parked Dodge Caravan. The incident occurred at 10:54 in the morning in the morning.

Elijah was a passenger in the vehicle that was involved in the accident. He was sitting on the left side of the back seat. The state police are looking into whether or not a suitable child booster seat was being used at the time of the collision as part of an investigation that is currently being carried out by the state police.

Justice Ellis was wearing her seat belt correctly and had it fastened around her waist when the collision occurred. After the accident, he was not transported to the hospital because the injuries he sustained were considered to be relatively minor. There has not yet been a conclusion reached in the investigation into the crash.

When Elijah was a student in the kindergarten class at Longfellow Primary School in Sidney, he attended that school. On the afternoon of Sunday, a One Call was made to the residences of the parents of students attending Longfellow. There will be counselors available during the course of the week to assist any student or member of the staff who may require assistance. They will be available during regular school hours. Elijah’s funeral arrangements are currently being handled by the Adams Funeral Home in Sidney, who are hard at work on the process.