Eligio Rivas Obituary, Death -The members of the Rivas Family Spanish Choir want to convey how deeply saddened they are by Eligio Lester Rivas’s passing. Lester died on Nov. 6, 2022. When Joseph Rivas Jr. and Hank Rivas were young, their father, Lester Rivas, instilled in them a love of music that has stayed with them to this day.

The boys were able to use Lester’s guitar thanks to his generosity. Joseph and Hank took turns sitting on Lester’s lap and playing the lower guitar strings while Lester was in charge of the bass line. Lester was the one who came up with the bass line. Over the course of their musical education, Uncle Lester Rivas taught both the brothers to play bass and guitar chords.

Lester is the person responsible for the founding of both the Rivas Family Spanish Choir and the Variety Express Band. There would be no such thing as music if it weren’t for Uncle Lester passing on his musical knowledge to his two nephews, Joseph and Hank.
Lester and Lala Rivas were Joseph and Hank Rivas’ grandparents, and they were the ones who taught them the traditional Spanish choir music. During the time that Lester was playing the guitar and harmonica, Lala’s voice was used to create some beautiful harmonies.

After passing on their knowledge of the music and the traditions to the subsequent generation, Lester and Lala decided to stop performing for crowds in order to devote more of their time to passing on their expertise.
Both Lester and Lala were devout Catholics who enjoyed the music that was played at the Spanish masses that they regularly attended.

Lester could be heard playing the guitar, harmonica, fiddle, and accordion both at home and during get-togethers with his family. I adore you and think about you all the time. RIP.
At the funeral service for Lester, which will be held on Tuesday, November 15, the Rivas Family Spanish Choir will be performing, and it will be an honor for them to do so. That was precisely how Lester desired for it to be. to celebrate a wonderful life with one’s family and friends in order to honor that life.