Eligio Paris Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Eligio Paris, who was our company’s founder and served as President. His passing comes as a great loss to us. We have suffered a tremendous loss with his passing. Following the news of his passing, we have been left in a state of profound mourning. The following is some unsettling information that we are required to relay to you, and we do so with a heavy heart. We apologize in advance for any distress that this may cause. Eligio was a rock of consistency and a pillar of support for both his family and the community in which he resided, which included the surrounding area.

He was also a pillar of support for those in the surrounding area. After founding the company in 1976, he put a lot of effort into expanding it, and as a direct result of all of the hard work he put into expanding the business, Ital Florist has become one of the most successful and well-known flower shops in all of Canada. This success was a direct consequence of the effort that he put forth in growing the company. His children, who now own and run the cherished Ital Florist that he established, will carry on his unwavering commitment to hard labor and his unflinching admiration for his customers. His children now own and operate the Ital Florist.

His children have since taken ownership of the business and continue to run it. His offspring now own and run the family business that their father established, the Ital Florist. His children are the current owners of the company and are also in charge of running it. He has passed the torch to them. Even though Eligio will be greatly missed, the countless memories and abundant legacy that he leaves behind will ensure that his life will continue to be celebrated for all of eternity, no matter how long that may be.