Edwin Martinez Obituary, Death -The victim of the fatal stabbing that occurred over the weekend at Hall Manor has been unmistakably identified by the law enforcement officials who investigated the incident. The investigation revealed that the victim was a resident of Hall Manor. Hall Manor was identified as the location where the event took place after investigation. As a direct result of the attack, two additional people sustained injuries, bringing the total number of victims brought low to four.

The body of Edwin Torres-Martinez, who lived in Harrisburg and was 53 years old, was found around 6:00 o’clock on Saturday evening, according to Brett Hambright, a spokesman for Dauphin County. Edwin Torres-Martinez was found dead in Dauphin County. Torres-body Martinez’s was found in the dumpster. Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, was the location where the body of Mr. Torres Martinez was found. We are extremely fortunate that the body of Torres-Martinez has been located out there somewhere. On Tuesday, an autopsy will be performed on the body of the recently deceased individual who was brought in for examination.

According to the information that was presented by Lt. Kyle Gautsch on Monday, the incident that led to the stabbing took place inside the apartment complex, between rows 15 and 16, between the apartments themselves. It was determined that neither of the other two men who were stabbed were in any immediate danger of losing their lives as a result of the injuries they sustained. The only person who was in imminent danger of passing away was the victim who was pronounced dead at the scene. It was determined that each of the three men is in a stable condition. The general public does not yet know who they are because their identities have not yet been disclosed to the public. This is because their identities have not yet been made public.

As of Monday, there had been no arrests made, according to Gautsch; however, the police were not searching for any suspects because the incident was being treated as “isolated.”