¬†Edmond Putrimas Obitsury, Death – We are sorry to inform you that Msgr. EDMOND J. PUTRIMAS, who passed away recently and served as Chair of the Board of Directors of LCRA, was a longtime member of the organization. He served on the board of directors for the LCRA at one point. It is with a profound sense of loss that we must convey this information to you; it is with a great deal of grief that we must share this information with you. We sincerely apologize for having to do so. We deeply regret that this is the only choice available. Msgr. E. Putrimas has been proposed as a potential candidate by the Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference for the role of delegate to Catholics of Lithuanian heritage who are presently residing in countries other than Lithuania.

This recommendation was made by the Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference. These Catholics can be found right now in a variety of nations around the world. This discussion has taken place as a result of the fact that the aforementioned position is now vacant and open for applications at this moment. Msgr. Putrimas will have the chance to represent Catholics of Lithuanian heritage who currently reside in countries other than Lithuania as a result of his appointment to this office. This opportunity comes about as a direct result of Msgr. Putrimas’ appointment to this position. This is an opportunity that he has not had access to in the past that he will now have.

Since 2003, when he was first given the responsibility of his current post, he has been in charge of directing this department in its role as the department head. He has held this responsibility since 2003. Not only will the people of Lithuania as a whole be terribly saddened by his loss, but so will anyone else who knew him or had any type of relationship to the Lithuanian people in any way. The demise of this man will be sincerely regretted by all segments of the Lithuanian population.