Easton Carpino Obituary, Death – We are writing to inform you that Easton Carmine Carpino, age 5, passed away unexpectedly on November 11, 2022. It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we make this announcement. Precious offspring of Amanda and Neil, who both adore him. Precious grandson of Avil and Carmine Carpino, Amado (Mayette), and Virginia Dizon, who passed away (2000). His godparents, Blair (Jennifer) Carpino and Theresa Dizon (Andy Shaw), as well as his aunts and uncles Frank (Barb) Carpino, Annamarie (Dan) Kelly, and Jamie Carpino, as well as many dear cousins, friends, and his best buddy Brutus, will always remember him with love and affection. Easton was a cheerful young man who took good care of himself and loved life.

His wide, ear-to-ear smile was like a beacon of hope to everyone who was fortunate enough to be in his orbit. His bubbliness and joy were contagious, and they touched everyone around him. He was incessantly inquisitive and always looking for new ways to expand his knowledge on the topics that interested him the most, such as the incredible abilities of various creatures, the wondrous workings of the solar system, dinosaurs, and anything else that caught his attention. Because he was so enthused about what he was learning, he couldn’t wait to talk about it with the people he cared about.

If you had asked Easton, he would have told you that he was looking forward to becoming a father, fisherman, and construction worker when he grew up. We hope that you are living out your ambitions and pursuing your goals of catching the largest fish ever and building everything your little heart desires. This remarkable young boy taught each and every one of us a great deal, and he inspired everyone else around him to be their best selves. Please accept my gratitude for the five wonderful years, Easton. We will never stop loving you, and we cannot express how much we will miss having you here with us.