Duane Handel Obituary, Death -It was revealed that Duane Curtis Handel had passed away on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at the Lloydminster Hospital in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Handel was 53 years old at the time of passing. The hospital can be found in the city of Lloydminster, which is found in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The city of Lloydminster, which is located in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, is where you’ll find the hospital. Our hearts are breaking as we are forced to deliver this disheartening information to each and every one of you, but we have no other option.

Carrie Stone, who was Duane’s mother; William Handel, who was Duane’s father; Carrie Stone, who was the mother of his children; Duane’s siblings Vernon (Julie) Handel, Brenda (David) Bailey, Ron (Laverna) Handel, and Sheldon (Denise) Handel; his greenwood community; and all of those he influenced are among the people who are left behind after Duane Carrie Stone After a long and courageous fight against cancer, Duane lost his battle with the disease on February 1, 2019. Before Duane was born, all of his family members—including his mother, Inge Handel, his brother Bernie Handel, and his nephew Cory Handel—had already passed away.

Duane is the only member of his immediate family still alive; the rest of his relatives have all passed away. Both Brett and Brooke Handel are currently married, with Brett to Shae Marie Harding and Brooke to an unnamed man. His daughter, Brooke Handel, is married to The lives of everyone that is recounted in the following paragraphs ended before Duane’s time on this planet:

On November 25, 2022, at eleven o’clock in the morning local time, funeral services for Duane will be held at the First Lutheran Church in Lloydminster, which is located in Alberta. The date and time of these events are all subject to change. The date and time are displayed using the time zone of the current location.