Dontae Malone Obituary, Death – Terry Lee Malone, 70, died peacefully in his sleep at his Charlestown Crossing home on Sunday  no doubt exhausted from a six-month battle with the Grim Reaper over how and when he’d leave this world. His death astounded those who had no idea such a wild and adventurous man could live for so long. Indeed, someone bet twenty dollars that Terry would never reach the age of fifty, let alone septuagenarian. They sincerely regret making such a rash bet.

Terry met Anna Marie Malone (nee Lupinetti) at a house party in New Jersey in 1975, after hitchhiking all the way from California. Anna did something no other woman could: she broke Terry Malone’s bucking bronco, forcing him to settle and stay at the Lupinetti Farm in Conowingo, Maryland. Terry returned the favor by assisting Anna’s parents, Dante and Joan Lupinetti, in breaking horses in for Dover Downs racing.

When the kids came in droves (and they did), Terry traded in his cowboy hat for a hard hat, going to work for FMC in Baltimore before moving on to a job at Ikea in Perryville until his health forced him to retire. Terry’s wife, Dawn Michelle (Rick) Blakeley, and their children, Elisa Price, Alena (Melvin) Calm, Elizabeth (Al) Tapera, Megan Malone, Nicholas (Danielle) Malone, and Christopher (Chasi) Malone, survive him.

He is survived by fourteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, none of whom will refuse a cupcake before dinner.  His mother, Janet Hufsey, and brothers Daniel Malone and Mulford Hufsey, as well as sisters Terri Hathaway, Lori Reeves, and Debra Parent, survive him. Terry was predeceased by his father, Luke Malone, stepmother Lillian, and brother Luke.

Terry will be remembered as a gifted storyteller, having told tales of the Vietnam War, fist fights with strangers in traffic, run-ins with the law, and numerous near-death experiences. His children will remember him fondly as a Little League coach, baseball umpire, and Boy Scout leader. He loved Harry Potter and the Beatles. “I love you,” he said as he died.