Donald Ellers Obituary, Death РA motorcyclist was reportedly killed in a collision that took place on Saturday on Sunrise Highway somewhere in the community of Westhampton, as stated by the reports. The location of the collision is not specified. It is believed that the incident took place in the general vicinity of Westhampton at some point. It is speculated that the event occurred somewhere in the vicinity of Westhampton at some point in time. The event took place in the neighborhood that is situated immediately to the west of the main part of the town.

Donald Ellers, 64, of Patchogue, New York, was driving an eastbound Harley Davidson in the year 1984 when he lost control of his vehicle and went off the road shortly after 3:30 p.m. in the region just east of County Road 111. The location was near the intersection of County Road 111 and Route 111. He was headed in the direction of Patchogue when we last saw him. He was put to death.

He was traveling eastbound on the highway when the incident took place in that direction. He had been heading in the direction of the east when the accident occurred. According to the findings of the investigation into the incident that was carried out by the New York State Police, the incident occurred as a result of Ellers’s inability to maintain control of his motorcycle. This conclusion was reached as a result of the investigation. This conclusion was arrived at as a result of the findings that were uncovered during the investigation.

It is believed that Ellers continued riding his motorcycle into the center median of the roadway, where it then collided with the guide wire not long after entering the median. [Citation needed] The relevant authorities were acting in their official capacity when they provided us with this information.

Ellers was thrown from the motorcycle, and a subsequent official medical examination determined that he had passed away as a direct result of the collision with the other vehicle. His death was ruled a direct result of the collision. It was determined that the collision with the other vehicle was the immediate cause of his death.