Dominic Kirton Obituary, Death – Dominic showed great promise, intelligence, and creativity from the moment he tried his hand at writing as a child. One of his earliest works, written when he was around twelve years old, featured a figure defending himself with a sculpture of a goat – hardly the idea one would anticipate coming to a child’s mind. Dominic, who lived most of his life in Central Florida and lost a heroic battle with post-traumatic stress disorder after a protracted deployment to Iraq, was born there on June 27, 1975. Dominic lost his most cherished desire, which was to write the books he had been developing and growing within his imaginative mind when he passed away on September 15, 2008, shocking and saddening for everyone who knew and loved him. He was an excellent student of human experience and found almost anything to be fascinating. But it was obvious that he had his favorites, including the arts, the military, history, and architecture (particularly that of churches).

Dominic took in knowledge, inspiration, and ideas wherever he went—and he traveled a lot, from the Caribbean and Latin America to Europe and the Far East. He studied and served his world with intelligence and consideration as a Marine, a student at Seminole Community College and the University of Central Florida, a member of the Florida National Guard, and a writer. He was willing to help where he could, whether it was by joining the Guard to aid with domestic situations or by often coming forward to physically assist individuals with less strength. Dominic took special satisfaction in his written works, which cover a variety of subjects including medical ethics and a concept for an American foreign legion.

In fact, knowing that his ideas and opinions will continue to exist online may provide those he leaves behind some solace. Dominic and his family have a tangible, incredibly deep, encompassing, and enduring love for one another. We are pleased to name him our son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, and friend, together with his mother Sibille, father Peter, brothers Sebastian and Cameron, aunt Jackie Kirton, and numerous others. On Monday, September 22, 2008, at 4 PM, we will hold a memorial service in the Rollins College Knowles Memorial Chapel to honor his memory. We kindly suggest that those attending arrive early because parking might be an issue. We ask that memorial contributions be sent to the Seminole Community College Dominic D.H. Pritchard Scholarship in Creative Writing in place of flowers. College. The SCC Foundation is accepting donations and may be found at 100 Weldon Boulevard in Sanford, Florida, 32773.