Diane Holik Obituary, Death – Diane Holik of Austin, Texas has passed away. In Bay Shore, Long Island, on the 10th of September, her parents, Wilfried and Ingrit (Wauer) Holik, were there to greet her as she made her entrance into the world. Diane was a vivacious and outgoing person who delighted in making new friends as well as maintaining relationships with those she already had. She made the most of her free time by hanging out with her pals and taking advantage of every opportunity she could to go country and western dancing.

She was very gregarious and outgoing, and she never held back from voicing her thoughts and opinions. She placed a high value on maintaining strong bonds with her many friends, who hailed from a wide variety of social and cultural contexts. Her life was one of a workaholic, but she always made time for her cherished companions Rocky and Baylor, as well as her friends. Her life was one of a workaholic. She had been employed by IBM for more than 25 years at that point in her life. Diane was known for exuding an air of chic and sophistication, and one way that this was manifested was through the wine tasting parties that she hosted in her home for her neighbors.

She was a woman with a profound spirituality who had just recently begun attending the Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas, where she has been participating in the services. She also had a strong desire to assist those who were in need and was a participant in the P.A.W.S. organization. She had a beautiful smile that was the perfect finishing touch to her already stunning appearance. Due to the fact that Diane was a loving daughter, sister, aunt, and godmother, her passing will be deeply mourned by all of those who knew and cared for her. Diane is survived by her cherished “animal companions,” Rocky and Baylor, as well as by her cherished parents, Wilfried and Ingrit Holik; her brother, Thomas Holik and his wife, Linda; her niece, Sierra Holik; and her cherished parents. Her beloved “animal companions” Rocky and Baylor are also a part of Diane’s legacy.