Devin Chandler Obituary,  Death – CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — One of the three students who were killed in a shooting that took place on the University of Virginia campus on Sunday evening was identified as Devin Chandler, who had graduated from Hough High School and played football for the University of Virginia. Chandler was one of the victims of the shooting that took place. The shooting resulted in the deaths of three students. There was also Chandler among them. YOU CAN SIGN UP RIGHT HERE FOR QC NEWS ALERT, AND WE WILL ENSURE THAT ANY BREAKING NEWS IS SENT DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX.

FIRST HEARING OF THE NEWS Will be from me. IF YOU JOIN QC NEWS ALERT AND SIGN UP FOR IT, YOU WILL GET We are going to miss having Devin Chandler as a member of our team, as he contributed a lot to our success. According to a tweet posted on the Hough Football Twitter account, the team is “sending our thoughts, prayers, and healing energy to his family.” It hurts our feelings to have to write this, but please know that his family is in our thoughts and prayers, and that we are sending them healing energy. Chandler, who was born and raised in Huntersville, North Carolina, began his collegiate football career at the University of Wisconsin.

After playing there for two years, he transferred to the University of Virginia, where he finished his playing career. On the field, Devin Chandler was a player who stood out from the rest, and this was something that was observed by both the coaches and the other players, including his teammates. According to Hough’s head coach Matthew Jenkins, the first thing that stands out about him is his smile, and the fact that he cared about other people is another thing that is immediately noticeable about him. When Chandler first met Hough’s current quarterback, senior Tad Hudson, the latter was a freshman. Chandler was also a freshman at the time.

In addition, Tad Hudson mentioned that Chandler “always put a smile on everybody’s face, always dancing in the locker room.” The current grade for Chandler is senior. “Awesome fella.”