Derrick Rump Obituary, Death -The names of the five victims of the mass shooting that took place at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs have been made public. The incident resulted in the deaths of all five victims. On Saturday, just a few minutes before midnight, an assailant entered Club Q and opened fire with a handgun in addition to an AR-15-style rifle. The shooter also had access to a second firearm during the incident.

According to the police, the suspect has been identified as Anderson Aldrich, and he is 22 years old. Aldrich is accused of shooting five people, including two bartenders, a transgender woman, a local man celebrating a friend’s birthday, and a mother-of-one who was out having a night out with her friends. It was initially reported by police that 25 people had been injured in the attack; however, on Monday, that number was revised down to 18 people having been injured. The road to recovery will be a long and difficult one for many of those who were injured, some of which could have been fatal.

Mr. Aldrich was taken into custody on suspicion of five counts of murder in the first degree and five counts of hate crime causing bodily injury. The charges against Mr. Aldrich are stacked one on top of the other. It is anticipated that he will be faced with additional charges in the near future. The shooting prompted renewed calls for stricter gun laws and mourning throughout the LGBT+ community, which has been warning since the beginning of this year that increasingly violent political rhetoric about LGBT+ people could lead to deaths. The shooting also prompted renewed calls for stricter gun laws in the United States.

The shooting also resulted in an increase in the number of people calling for stricter gun laws. The following data pertains to the five people who lost their lives in the shooting that took place in Colorado Springs: