Derrick Mack Obituary, Death РThe man who was killed in the shooting that took place at the intersection of 33rd and MLK has been identified as the victim by the police department in Little Rock. The shot was fired at the 33rd Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard intersection. It was determined that the victim, Derrick Mack, who had lived in Little Rock his entire life and was currently 36 years old, was in fact Mack. Mack had spent his entire life in Little Rock. Mack was a city dweller from birth and throughout his childhood. The personnel working for the law enforcement agency came to the conclusive conclusion that Mack was the victim of the crime.

The police started their investigation shortly after 5:30 p.m. and were able to narrow their focus to the area after receiving a complaint that directed them to the crossroads formed by West 33rd Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. The complaint directed them to the crossroads formed by West 33rd Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. The action taken to implement this measure was directly attributable to the fact that they received the report there. Michael Brown, age 47, and Shannon Fells, age 46, were both taken into custody in connection to the homicide of Mack, according to the statement that was released by the police on Tuesday.

Both individuals were charged with first-degree murder. The investigation into the case is still going on, according to the statement, which also said that. The notification suggests that both of the suspects have been brought into custody at this time. Tuesday was the day that both of the suspects were apprehended and taken to a detention facility for processing. It would appear that the investigation into the murder is still open and ongoing, as stated by the release, which also stated this. Both of these individuals have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the homicide that was committed in relation to the event that took place. The homicide was carried out in connection with the fact that the event took place. The murder was committed and carried out.